How to experience a shift right now, when reading this...

A prime tenent of CE is that if we change the underlying energetics of the situation, then the content will change.

One way we can experience this, sitting in our chairs, is by imagining a stressful situation for 10 seconds and noticing our phsyiological state. Then we centre using 4 part centring. Then we bring that same situation back to mind.

Try it now.
Imagine a situation that has stressed you in the past couple of days. What was happening, what did you see, what was said, how were you standing/sitting? Stop after 10 seconds.

Paying for the deactivated hara!

I moved house last week. It was a bit of a marathon and I was taking boxes and crates up to our new flat until far too late at night. It's a great flat and a good move, but the unaccustomed lifted has shown up a weakness.

I strained a muscle in my mid-back region. I've just got back from my physiotherapist, Sonja Bass. Having freed up the muscles she did some posture work with me. What she was showing me is that I try and lift from my mid-back, not my hips and legs, so I don't use my centre (hara).

Act yourself into a new way of thinking..

I was musing on the AA proverb

"You don't think yourself into a new way of acting, you act yourself into a new way of thinking"


and it got me thinking about how posture patterns and thinking patterns are related.

Wendy's visit

I've just done the latest level 2 course with Wendy Palmer. It was a fantastic weekend as usual, with Wendy demostrating by her presence, just as much as her words what this stuff is all about and how it has the possibility of changing the world for the better.

Space is Ground

Wendy's theme this time was 'Space is Ground'.

CE and Binds

I've just been assisting on the 'Binds' module of the clean change company's training. One defintiion of a  bind is:

"a pattern of behaviour that you feel unable to change that repeats over time that is unhelpful"

An addiction would be a good example of a bind in real-life. Feeling compulsed by something inside to continue to do something even when we know that it's not something we really want to do. There's a feeling of helplessness.

For change to be embodied, it must be real

I was preparing some publicity material earlier and reviewing it found that I had reversed the strap-line, to 'For change to be embodied it must be real, and this got me thinking...

Only things that are real to us can be embodied - that is, be in our bodies and shown by us. In this work we are identifying the things that are real for our whole system, head, heart, hips, knees, feet and fingertips. A useful question when you are working with an quality or intention is;

Language That Puts You In Touch With Your Bodily Feelings

A friend just sent me this link to an article in Science Daily, which states that seing a facial expression, such as a smile, activates the muscles in our own faces, at an subconscious level.

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